After starting its activities in 2000 as the first educational venture in virtual mode in India way back in 2000 , Cyber Law College was conducting both online and offline courses in Cyber Laws.

However, with the changed circumstances in India due to the Covid, Cyber Law College has now restricted its activities only for the virtual mode.

Since last 3 years, the focus has been mainly on the Data Protection courses.

Cyber Law College is also a training partner for Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India (FDPPI) and conducts Certification programs for Indian Data Protection Laws (Module I), on Global Data Protection laws (Module G) and Certified PDP-CMS auditor/consultant.

All the programs are available online.

With the new version of Data Protection Act in the form of DPA 2021 having been released by the Joint parliamentary Committee, the current versions of the course on Indian Data Protection Law as well as the course on PDP-CMS auditor/consultant are being revamped. For this purpose the current progams are suspended.

The first of the new DPA 2021 based program on Data Protection Laws in India is being launched from 15th January 2021 and it will be available in the following link.

Data Protection Law of India

Additionally, since  7th November 2014, Cyber Law College has been conducting the following online programs on the  platform of

Name of Course Prospectus
Course on Cyber Laws Refer for details
Course on HIPAA Refer for details
Course on GDPR Refer for details

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